What Do We Provide?

Through our partners, we are providing the following services:

Provide a proactive risk assessment of transportation and logistical requirements. Through constant communication with our international network and regulators, who keep us updated on any changes with the industry as well as the latest customs regulations related to shipping high-value products anywhere globally, providing country-specific technical and customs advisory services and state-of-theart solutions can have tangible benefits on the efficiency of your business. Provide fast and safe delivery through various air freight carriers of valuable cargo. Tailored services and maximum flexibility allow us to meet any specific requirements.

Supply Chain Management Offer integrated management at every level in the logistics process, from pickup to transportation and delivery. We develop risk management solutions and security services tailored to your business requirements. Proactive Solution Provider.

Transport by armored trucks and trailers, air and sea freight insurance, air trucks (fixed-wing and helicopters), and armed couriers.

We use our integrated global software to track, manage and perform quality control checks on your inventory within our vaults anywhere in the world.

Our Products

Through our refinery suppliers, we are providing:

1KG 999.9

1KG 999.9

Full Refine Gold with Purity 999.9



Dore Bar with Purity from 91% to 96.5%

Service Area

Our Australian Mother Company is certified in “AML” (Anti Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing) therefore we are obligated to screen every customer to ensure the source of their funds before engaging any of our refinery partners. Our process will guarantee a safe transaction in all aspects to both our customers as well as the refineries to ensure long-term relationships and repeat business.

Our speciality is to source gold bullion at 99.99% clarity “subject to the availability”. We also can source Dore Gold Bars, only at a time when we are sure of the integrity of the transaction from every aspect.

At LENDWELL we have our own unique process that will provide our customers with a raw-bust delivery process which will guarantee a safe and smooth transaction for both the customer and the refinery.

We’re Waiting To Assist You

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